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5 Year Systems Improvement Plan

5 Year Systems Improvement Plan


STOCKTON, CA. – San Joaquin County, Human Services Agency - Children’s Services Bureau and the Probation Department have completed their County Self-Assessment (CSA) and System Improvement Plan (SIP).  The CSA is an in-depth review of the County’s Children’s Services and Juvenile Probation programs.  The SIP serves as the operational agreement between the County and state, outlining how the County will improve its operations to provide better outcomes for children, youth and families. 

Both the CSA and SIP are part of the California Child and Family Services Review (C-CFSR), an outcomes-based review mandated by the Child Welfare System Improvement and Accountability Act enacted 2001.  The goal of the C-CFSR is to establish and subsequently strengthen a system of accountability for child and family outcomes resulting from the array of services offered by California’s Child Welfare Services (CWS).  The CSA and SIP are developed every five years by the lead agencies (Children’s Services and Probation) in coordination with the local community and prevention partners.

The CSA and SIP development process has multiple components including surveys, peer review, intensive case worker interviews, and focus groups to gather input from child welfare constituents on the full scope of child welfare and juvenile probation services provided within the County.  The Peer Review is intended to provide counties with issue-specific, qualitative information gathered by outside peer experts.  Both the CSA and the Peer Review serve as the foundation for the SIP. The SIP includes a coordinated service provision plan for how the county will utilize prevention, early intervention and treatment funds to strengthen and preserve families and to help children find permanent families when they are unable to return to their families of origin.  The SIP includes specific action steps, timeframes, and improvement targets and is approved by the Board of Supervisors and California Department of Social Services. 

San Joaquin County had extensive stakeholder input on the development of the SIP throughout the CSA and Peer Review process. 


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